Art Fair Haul

The event I wait for all year is the art fair. And finally I bought something. It’s two pieces by artists whose work I’ve been dreaming about for a whole year, since I saw it last summer.

Obviously, the llama picture is not my choice. It’s the first piece in Klara’s art collection.

The orange and green tree pieces are made out of glass. I immediately chose the orange and Klara the green. Then the artist explained that they represent seasons of life. So its kind of fitting, if slightly disturbing, that Klara chose spring and I, autumn.

The flowers are from my husband and aren’t related to the art fair. He loved my favorite piece that’s at the bottom.

Asking for a Friend

So is anybody investigating why Biden’s useless coke-fiend of a son got a $50,000 a month salary precisely in the country his father was curating as a VP precisely at the moment when his father is doing it?

I mean, if we are so outraged by some aging bimbo actress faking her idiot daughter’s SAT score to get into a second-rate party school, I’d think we’d be all over this.

Asking for a Ukrainian friend who is feeling confused.

Five Minutes Ago

I’m watching a great docu-series titled The Confirmation Chronicles that analyzes all of the huge semi-recent battles for Supreme Court nominations. The first episode is on the failed Bork confirmation.

I knew the general gist of the story but seeing the actual footage is priceless. There’s a moment when a Democrat ridicules Bork for mentioning that gender segregation exists and is reasonable in the case of male and female bathrooms.

“What are you suggesting, that somebody is going to propose unisex toilets?” the senator scoffs. “That’s ludicrous!”

Of course, five minutes later (in historical terms) his party started insisting that forcing girls and boys to pee in front of each other is an important civil right.

Also, I’m discovering that Biden was a total jerk his whole life. I didn’t know that. As I pointed out in my 2017 book, mass immigration is incompatible with historical memory.

The Boost

So I’m doing the bullet-journaling method, right? It’s been a game-changer for me, and I couldn’t be happier with it. To recap very briefly, I use one notebook to manage all aspects of my life.

From February to August, I used up one 200-page notebook. But then in September, I used a whole half of an identical notebook. This means that I’ve done as much work, kids’ activities, service, research, exercise, and home-care in just one month of September as I usually do in 3 months.

And that’s because the trip to San Sebasti├ín I took in the summer gave me a huge boost of psychological health. Seeing me run around like an Energizer Bunny, N is now collecting miles for another trip to San Sebasti├ín for the two of us.


The most rigorous research ends up being in edited volumes because first the editors go over the piece, then external reviewers, then the editors again, and again, and again. And everybody is very aggressive in their suggestions.

I’m contributing to another volume right now, and the editor is eating my brain out with a teaspoon. But this will end up producing a great piece, so I’m happy.