A New Climate Statement

So are these signees crooks? Does anybody know?

I found the link on Russian FB where it’s big news. Russians are obviously extremely dependent on fossils fuels but they didn’t write this.

One thought on “A New Climate Statement”

  1. Crooks, probably not. Getting paid by someone, maybe. You can buy an academic to endorse a position without violating the law. However, as when Galileo fought for the theory that the sun didn’t revolve around the earth, there are plenty of supposedly intelligent, stupid people out there. For those who have witnessed the changes that are happening (70F water off the coast of Maine!), there’s no question.
    In fact, the entire argument is irrelevant. To say that warming is “natural variation” in temperatures begs the question of whether we need to do something to survive. Meteors hitting the earth is also “natural variation.” So are volcanoes and earthquakes. “Natural” doesn’t mean benign. The issue is the threat; the cause of the threat is irrelevant.


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