Asking for a Friend

So is anybody investigating why Biden’s useless coke-fiend of a son got a $50,000 a month salary precisely in the country his father was curating as a VP precisely at the moment when his father is doing it?

I mean, if we are so outraged by some aging bimbo actress faking her idiot daughter’s SAT score to get into a second-rate party school, I’d think we’d be all over this.

Asking for a Ukrainian friend who is feeling confused.

7 thoughts on “Asking for a Friend”

  1. Gee, not too many assumptions here, right? No one cares because, as I’ve read:
    1. Biden completed his work with Ukraine at a decent interval before his son was offered the assignment.
    2. The FBI looked into this and determined that there was no wrong-doing.
    Trump tried making something of this, and it just wasn’t there.


  2. It depends on which television channel you’re watching:

    Fox News journalists are asking all sorts of questions implicating Biden’s son.

    MSNBC is dismissing the Biden story as a “conspiracy theory” cooked up by Trump’s team to distract from Trump’s own misdeeds.

    CNN is saying that they (CNN staff) did a thorough investigation in 2016 and found both Bidens completely innocent.

    I don’t watch PBS so don’t know which “facts” it’s reporting.


      1. “Does anybody not think it’s an egregious fact?”

        Are you kidding?? EVERY single host on CNN and MSNBC is stating — repeatedly, out-loud on every show — that neither Biden did anything wrong.

        You don’t believe me, do a little channel surfing.


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