Five Minutes Ago

I’m watching a great docu-series titled The Confirmation Chronicles that analyzes all of the huge semi-recent battles for Supreme Court nominations. The first episode is on the failed Bork confirmation.

I knew the general gist of the story but seeing the actual footage is priceless. There’s a moment when a Democrat ridicules Bork for mentioning that gender segregation exists and is reasonable in the case of male and female bathrooms.

“What are you suggesting, that somebody is going to propose unisex toilets?” the senator scoffs. “That’s ludicrous!”

Of course, five minutes later (in historical terms) his party started insisting that forcing girls and boys to pee in front of each other is an important civil right.

Also, I’m discovering that Biden was a total jerk his whole life. I didn’t know that. As I pointed out in my 2017 book, mass immigration is incompatible with historical memory.

9 thoughts on “Five Minutes Ago”

  1. “mass immigration is incompatible with historical memory”

    cognitive dissonance from knowing your ancestors weren’t the ones who made the country worth going to…. one way of dealing with that is to rewrite history (making the country a hellhole until your collective ancestors started arriving)


    1. “knowing your ancestors”

      just to be very clear, that isn’t you Clarissa, that’s a general, generic ‘you’… many people have no problem with knowing their ancestors played little part in the country’s past, but enough do that… it can be a problem


      1. No, but it’s me as well. As I’m realizing when I make an effort to learn about all this. I spend a lot of time watching these documentaries and reading history textbooks because I want to fill this hole at least in some way.

        And the point about the humility of recognizing that you come from a culture that didn’t manage to make things good is important, too. It’s embarrassing to see some colleagues who are immigrants and who think constantly expressing contempt for the US in the classroom is a good idea. It’s ungrateful and pathetic because if you are so smart and know how to do things better, then why did you have to schlep all the way here and didn’t stay in the wonderful place you came from?

        “The American democracy is deeply flawed!” triumphantly screeches somebody from Russia. Such people are unaware of how ridiculous they look.


    2. Yeah, and it’s also having no need to care. I was writing in the context of the Spanish Civil War that still obsesses Spaniards but means nothing to any newcomer because the newcomer has his own civil war or whatever from back home that means a lot.

      Or in my case specifically, I come here, I look at Biden, for example, and he looks good. I don’t know all of this history. Eighties and nineties mean something different to me. So I will vote and make decisions based on this ahistorical view. To me, all of these characters were literally born on the day I came here.

      Or looking at it from the Ukrainian side, we know what Holodomor is because it is inside us every day. The large forced influx of Russians into Ukraine in 1960s-1980s created huge tensions because these were people who weren’t feeling it.


  2. Late as always, took a Russian translation of Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” from the local library. Have you read it?


    1. “Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life”

      I ‘discovered’ him before he got big but have never felt the slightest desire to read anything he might write, he’s a speaker (often a very good one) and I suspect… not a writer.


        1. “they don’t translate into writing”

          I’m extraordinarily convinced that if you listen to 20 or 30 of the videos (no need to watch) then you’ll get everything in the books…. I’m thinking of a book made up of canned lectures….


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