Seeker’s Market

When writing out job descriptions:

– shift your focus from “here is what I need” to “here is what’s in it for you.”

– make sure the “what’s in it for the potential employee” list is longer than the list of requirements.

– ensure that your list of requirements is reasonable and meaningful, rather than the generic laundry list that most companies default on.

– highlight and clearly identify your company culture.

– provide a strong Equal Employment Opportunity statement.

– share information about your values.

Adapted from here.

A Mother’s Happiness

Mom’s happiness [during a child’s infancy] was twice as important when it came to predicting mental health issues in boys. As for girls, only their mother’s happiness was found to be linked to their mental health as teens.

The article means “compared to Dad’s” but it’s not just compared to the father’s happiness. It’s compared to everything. Many mothers of small children don’t know that being selfish and seeking their own happiness is the best favor they can do to their kid.