Debt Tricks

So students on state scholarships, right? They enroll in a bunch of courses. Classes start and they drop all the courses. The system automatically sends them a check with a refund which they are supposed to use when they register for courses again. Students spend the refund. Use late registration to register for courses. And end up with a pile of debt. Which they don’t care about because they are not physiologically equipped to do long-term thinking.

Of course, the system is stupid because you can’t let them come close to cash. They’ll just spend it on dumb stuff.

Daytime Naps

This is all great but it takes me about an hour to fall asleep at night and about two when the sun is out. So a twenty minute nap needs a huge block of time during the day.

People who lie down and just fall asleep are total aliens to me.

Nobel Peace Prize

It definitely makes more sense to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Greta Thunberg than to Obama. Like him, she’s done nothing for peace but unlike him she hasn’t bombed out any countries or started wars that led to genocide.

Let’s conduct an experiment: who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more, Obama or Trump?

How about Trump or Bush 2?

“Neither” doesn’t work because it’s total chickening out not to notice a difference between a guy who bombed out whole countries and a guy who didn’t.