Dating Advice

I just found out something hilarious. People watch YouTube videos for dating advice. There are dating advice dispensers who have hundreds of millions of views on their videos.

I saw one of these mega popular YouTubing advice offerers on TV just now now, and he’s a total idiot.

“I never invest my time in people based on how much I like them. I invest in people based on how much they invest in me.” VOMIT.

Of course, the only useful piece of advice for daters is to stop looking at people as devices that have a manual of use. There’s no algorithm and no hack.

2 thoughts on “Dating Advice”

  1. Vomit is a good response to this.
    There are two issues. (1) As Rushie commented in a NYT book review, the Internet allows anyone to write anything regardless of whether it’s worth reading. YouTube simple extends that to video forms.
    (2) We have the denigration of personal relationships into transactions.


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