Fake or Not?

This is a fake, right? (Click and zoom).

Totally reminds me how my mom had to tell her third-graders during a math class that “20 + 7 = 27, which makes us think of the glorious 27th assembly of the Communist Party of the USSR, so let’s recite the foundational principles of this crucial event.”

11 thoughts on “Fake or Not?”

  1. Nothing happens when I click on it. Fortunately, I have bionic eyesight and can read it all without any zooming.

    Obviously, it’s real, or you wouldn’t be posting it!


  2. “What is my mathematical identity?” WTF?
    This is what identity politics has led us to. And it’s not pretty.

    Also, regarding the question “Can you recognize and name oppressive mathematical practices in your experience?”… I’d love for a student to answer: “Yes, it’s this class!” LOL.


    1. Whatever does an exact science like Mathematics, whose essence is rooted in raw indisputable facts, have to do with attitudes, ideals, feelings and emotions?
      Its elements are expressions of what actually exists and what actually is, period. Exact sciences are not based on opinion, personal prejudices, or popular dogmas.


      1. My mother is from a dirt-poor small village family with an abusive alcoholic father. Two of the 6 girls in the family became mathematicians and one got a degree in chemistry. One became an accountant. One a baker. And one became an alcoholic and died early.


      1. “A fake then?”

        If you click on the link that I posted in my 30 Sep comment (still available in the second from the top comment on this page), you will find a PDF of the document that matches Clarissa’s screen capture images perfectly.

        So, apparently real, or at least actually proposed…


    1. What Clarissa posted seems to be the curriculum not for the Math class but for the Ethnic Studies class (with a math focus). It would have been better to name it Ethnic Studies (Math) rather than ‘Math Ethnic Studies’ which makes it sound like part of the mathematics curriculum.


  3. The blogger is a right wing, Jewish, Trump-supporting immigrant, but I think the article is worth checking nevertheless:

    Числовое неравенство: американским школьникам расскажут о расизме в математике
    (Новая учебная программа в Сиэтле предлагает политкорректный подход)



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