It’s a Trick

Open-borders cosmopolitanism is entirely out of place with Labour’s own economic pledges. The policies embedded in this motion would fundamentally undermine public support for comprehensive public spending, and the creation of an all-encompassing welfare state. Ambitious social-welfare schemes can only be supported by cohesive national societies underpinned by a strong sense of collective membership.

There was a time I also thought people were promising huge increases in welfare and accompanying them with extreme open-borders measures because they didn’t understand that these two things were incompatible.

But now I know it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

It’s completely purposeful.

The entire point of this trick is to destroy what’s left of welfare. Strain it beyond capacity, make sure it delivers extremely low-quality services, make people hate it because they perceive it as unfairly distributed – and the masses will beg you to take it away.

5 thoughts on “It’s a Trick”

  1. Doesn’t Labour simply try to be everything to everybody, with many politicians understanding the incompatibility but not caring about it?

    How will the politicians benefit by “destroy[ing] what’s left of welfare” and who is “completely purposeful” here: Corbyn, all conference members or somebody else? That’s the point that sounds the most confusing. I cannot believe all those politicians are lying 100% to the public in their own minds, while conspiring in secret rooms to utterly destroy welfare.


    1. It hardly matters who is a smart evildoer and who’s an earnest idiot. The result is still the same. Yes, politicians try to appeal to as many constituencies as possible normally. But look at the US. Democrats try their damndest to appeal to illegal immigrants (who don’t vote) while repelling 70% of the population that does vote and that hates these proposals. And they just keep plowing on, no matter what any actual voter wants.


  2. I thought his policy was simply a tactical power-grab: if the voters won’t support you, get yourself some new voters who will.


      1. “his” should have been “this”; I was referring to British Labour. Though it seems clear that the Democrats in the US also hope to gain the votes of any new citizens they can create.

        As for Bernie Sanders, he famously opposed open borders as a Koch policy in an interview with Ezra Klein; but perhaps he believes in a one-time reform to end the lawless exploitation of illegal immigrants in the US? Trump and Sanders might be seen as two approaches to the same problem – Trump says kick them out, Sanders says make them legal?


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