Bernie’s Health

I only now found out about Bernie’s recent heart trouble and surgery and I’m worried. Not only because I want him to be OK as I would any person but because I don’t want to be left without any marginally passable candidate to support.

I hope he recovers very soon because Warren is already overtaking him in the polls and that’s a shame. It’s sad people in both parties prefer dumb candidates to intelligent ones.

9 thoughts on “Bernie’s Health”

  1. Bernie’s team is releasing very little information about the incident, so it’s impossible to know whether Sanders had an actual heart attack (myocardial infarction, resulting in death of a small area of cardiac muscle) or simply angina (chest pain because of partial blockage of blood flow through a coronary artery).

    The medics already know the answer from the tests they ran (including EKG and blood tests), but nobody’s talking. We’ll see how Bernie looks on the debate stage in 12 days.


      1. Well, Beto’s very healthy: He even posted a video of himself getting his flu shot yesterday.

        Actually, so did I (got my shot, no video though).



        1. I went to get a free one from my state insurance at work. The line was from here to the moon and I realized I prefer to pay $35 at Sam’s Club to get my shot.

          Reminded me of why I detest state healthcare.


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