I Used to Like Her

But she turned out to be a total idiot.

It’s absolutely true that there’s corruption in the US, that Trump’s promotion of the idiotic and hateful Kushner and Ivanka is a disgrace, and that horrible people like Hinter Biden and many others promote corruption in Ukraine.

But to compare, in any meaningful way, Ukrainian / Russian and American corruption is s total joke. It’s idiocy of such caliber that I have no words. N still can’t hear the word “traffic cop” in Russian without an intense bout of swearing because those cops only exist in our countries to stop people and extort bribes under threats of physical violence. I know someone it happened to in Ukraine recently as he visited the country from Canada on business. My teachers both at school and university openly extorted bribes from me. I was expelled from my university – in spite of being a stellar student – for failing to give a $10 bribe to a PT instructor.

This all started back in the USSR and was in no way caused by anybody in the US. It’s not about you, folks, at all. Imagine that.

This posturing is downright offensive to anybody who experienced life in Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “I Used to Like Her”

  1. “downright offensive to anybody who experienced life in Ukraine”

    She has some understanding of Poland but projects that onto countries with very different histories and the result is not….. good.


    1. It’s this extremely annoying way of thinking where American harassment is harassier than anybody else’s, American racism is more racist than anybody else’s, and American problems are more horrifying than anybody’s. It’s like people who seriously compare Trump to Stalin and Hitler. Makes me want to wack them over the head for being self-involved doofuses.


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