Question about Obama

I’m learning from the documentaries I’m watching that Biden was a horrible person all through the 1980s and 1990s.

But then why did Obama choose him as Veep?

10 thoughts on “Question about Obama”

  1. Obama chose Biden for the same reason Hillary Clinton chose Time Kaine. He was a known quantity, a bland (though execrable) and predictable white dude.


      1. In 2008, I had extremely high hopes for Obama. Too high to be realistic, to be honest. But in the end he didn’t even meet the bare minimum of expectations. Look back knowing what we know now, I suspect his goal all along was to become the first billionaire ex-president. That explains his actions better than almost anything else.


  2. ” why did Obama choose him as Veep”

    TBH from what I remember people were pretty underwhelmed at the time, he’d hyped the decision as a display of his decision making abilities… and I guess in retrospect…. it was????
    He had to choose someone and he really didn’t want to choose Hillary which he was under pressure to do (it’s not rare for closely contested primary contests for the winner to choose the runner up as VP candidate).
    And…. I can’t blame him. Would you want your heartbeat to be the one keeping Hillary from the presidency?


  3. IIRC, he chose Biden so people would stop freaking the fuck out over a young(ish) black guy with little political experience at the top of the ticket. Not that it really mattered. There was some minor kerfuffle about Biden calling Obama “clean and articulate” and some crap about 7-11s in Delaware.

    Yes, people were underwhelmed. But then who could compete with the excitement of young(ish) Sarah Palin highlighting John McCain’s stellar decision making abilities?

    What are the documentaries’ slant on why Biden was a horrible person?

    And…. I can’t blame him. Would you want your heartbeat to be the one keeping Hillary from the presidency?
    And yet, Cheney is more legitimately terrifying and Shrub spent 8 years in office. hi-hat

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  4. Biden had foreign policy chops – having chaired the Senate Foreign Policy Committee. He knew leaders around the globe having widely travelled on Senate business and fact-finding trips. He checked a box Obama couldn’t.


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