Brown dropped the GRE requirement for doctoral students. It’s hard to imagine how stupid one needs to be to fail the embarrassingly easy GRE but Brown is on the lookout for precisely such people.

We keep complaining that there are too many PhDs competing for too few jobs but at the same time there’s an effort to herd people who need anything but a PhD into these programs.

Instead of the GRE, it will now be about “recommendation letters, personal statements and interviews.” In other words, whoever has a more convincing sob story gets in, has a horrible time, graduates, and becomes a perennially pouty adjunct.

Obviously, the already dying foreign language departments are eagerly participating in this.

Crazy in Ontario

In the meanwhile, a guy in Canada is labeled a sex offender for having completely consensual sex with his wife.

What’s really funny is that the wife’s former friend was the one who outed them because she was still spying on the ex-friend on FB and wanted to cause trouble.

Go Somewhere Else

Klara was invited to a birthday party today, and I’m happy to take her. But I know people will try to corner me and share their outrage. The venue is large, so maybe I’ll find a place to hide. Or take very long bathroom breaks.

Why, why couldn’t Hunter Biden go be corrupt in Turkmenistan or Moldova? Plenty of opportunities in both. Why did it have to be Ukraine?

Ukraine Clothes

I also realized I need to ditch my favorite T-shirt that features the word “Ukraine” over a Ukrainian flag. I went to Walmart today, and people were reacting to the T-shirt. They weren’t reacting in a mean way. To the contrary, everybody was smiling, behaving like they were happy to see me and, on one occasion, even pumping fists.

But I don’t want people to react to my clothes emotionally at all. It also looked like a couple of people were on the verge of trying to draw me into a conversation, and I know such a conversation is unlikely to be healthy.

Ukraine Talk

Back in summer, I agreed to give a talk about Ukraine at our local library. The talk is scheduled for early November.

Obviously back then I had no idea that Ukraine was going to be turned into Mueller, Round 3.

I already have people I know only vaguely stop me in the street to ask confirmation for their insanity. I don’t want my talk to be turned into a circus.

I should have talked about Spain. Nobody cares about Spain.