Go Somewhere Else

Klara was invited to a birthday party today, and I’m happy to take her. But I know people will try to corner me and share their outrage. The venue is large, so maybe I’ll find a place to hide. Or take very long bathroom breaks.

Why, why couldn’t Hunter Biden go be corrupt in Turkmenistan or Moldova? Plenty of opportunities in both. Why did it have to be Ukraine?

2 thoughts on “Go Somewhere Else”

  1. Trump apparently went on a fishing expedition around the world to try to dig up dirt on his political opponents. :/
    Call me when I hear about some Modi-Trump shenanigans, you know, other than Trump tagging along to a Modi rally in Houston. There are about Trump organization projects in India, and we know that man hasn’t divested from his businesses even one little bit.

    On the plus side, if someone buttonholes you about Ukraine you can ask them to do something specific (ask congress person to do Y) in regards to Ukraine, and you don’t even have to feel guilty because they brought it up.


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