I turned on the TV and discovered there’s an activity called “pimple popping.” It’s something people actually do. It sounds like a terrible, unhygienic idea.

I’ve never had this skin issue but there are really great South Korean remedies that remove zits literally overnight. Why would anybody pinch them with fingernails? It’s disgusting.

7 thoughts on “Pop”

  1. I agree it’s a terrible idea, but it can be very difficult to refrain from popping them. If you’ve never had one, I’m afraid you wouldn’t understand 😀


    1. The only time I had a breakout was when I left my first husband. It was clearly stress related. I had this huge pimple on my forehead that looked like a horn. But other than that, no, I never had them. Not even as a teenager.

      N, on the other hand, suffered from terrible acne, horrific, disfiguring. Until he met me. Now he has perfect skin.


    2. “Are you saying that you have never had pimples?”

      Unlike the common cold, which everybody catches sooner or later, acne is a common but not universal problem. Many people go through their entire lives without having pimples or other skin afflictions. (Says the doctor, who knows what he’s talking about.)


      1. It’s genetic. Some people aren’t predisposed to it. I really hope Klara inherited my skin genes.

        I had PUPPS, though. The severe version. As skin afflictions go, this is a lot worse than any acne because it hurts like a motherfucker (pun intended) for months.


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