A Full Life

It’s unbelievable to me that it was exactly a year ago that I went to Regensburg. It feels like it was five years ago, at least.

It was a really amazing trip.

3 thoughts on “A Full Life”

  1. You should come back and also visit Austria and Switzerland, if you liked Bavaria! 🙂 Hey, btw, what do you think of the nobel prize for literature? I’m curious about your opinion. I don’t know the Polish writer at all, do you know her? As for Handke I’ve only read two of his books and quite liked them, but I was always hesitant to read more, partially because of his dumb political opinions and also because he seems very arrogant.

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  2. Why my mother is afraid to visit my aunt in Russia:

    Russia jails U.S.-Israeli on drug charges despite Netanyahu plea

    A Russian court sentenced a U.S.-Israeli woman to seven and a half years in jail for drug offences on Friday, a ruling Israel condemned as disproportionate and which her family said Moscow had linked to the fate of a Russian citizen detained in Israel.

    “9 апреля 2019 года Наама летела из Дели в Тель-Авив с пересадкой в аэропорту Шереметьево. В багаже она везла 9,6 грамма гашиша. Этот факт она потом признала, но при этом она не покидала транзитную зону и не имела доступа к чемодану во время пересадки. Багаж она получила бы уже в Израиле, где можно хранить для личного пользования до 15 грамм гашиша.

    Однако прокуроры настояли, что Иссахар пересекла границу России и Таможенного союза, а значит, нарушила закон. Они просили суд отправить израильтянку в колонию на 8 лет, суд легко согласился на 7,5.”


    1. That’s why N and I aren’t planning to visit Russia. N has an expensive property in Russia, and he’d like to be able to sell it. But he’s not going over there to do that because no amount of money is worth the risk.

      Westerners often forget that the world isn’t just a collection of picturesque places for them to photograph. Stuff is going on in many places that is very tough.

      Our students, for instance, are up in arms that the administration finally decided not to sponsor any travel to El Salvador. Consumerism met reality and didn’t like it.


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