It’s a really bizarre idea to do these stupid endless townhalls instead of regular debates. Does anybody watch them? They must be deathly boring.

6 thoughts on “Townhalls”

      1. One of the moderators mispronounced the name of a black transwoman when introducing her so she could ask a question; predictably, the transwoman respectfully reminded the moderator that this was “violence.”

        I was happy to hear that Amy Klobuchar said that she is opposed to legalizing so-called sex work. Regardless of what other “progressives” think, the proposal to legalize sex work is not a progressive or feminist position.

        There were some trans protestors, which is fine. But one of them got mad at Anderson for clapping, apparently suggesting that he was applauding the murders of transwomen of color, and so he had to clarify that he was applauding because he agreed with and supported the protestors.

        A black transwoman yanked the microphone out of the hand of a Latina mother of a trans child and accused the town hall of ignoring or erasing transwomen of color. Ironically, this was ten minutes or so after the start of Beto’s town hall, which he began by underscoring the need to address violence against transwomen of color.


        1. OK, this does sound like fun.

          I have no idea why some people try so hard to make completely legitimate issues sound crazy. Of course, violent against transwomen is a horrible thing. But this kind of stunts doesn’t help bring awareness.

          I do agree completely about legalizing sex work. I have no idea when it somehow became feminist to support it.


  1. Nah, I switched back and forth between the townhall and watching Trump’s very long speech in Minneapolis, and Trump was definitely more entertaining. Trump’s got his demagoguery perfectly tuned to his followers now, and he’s going to ride it all the way to re-election in 2020.

    The Democrats, both in congress with their pseudo-impeachment-proceedings-without-a-vote lunacy and on the primary trail of madness (Biden tonight joking to an LQBTetc. audience that “I came out” during this campaign) are rank amateurs by comparison.

    It’s Loony Tunes non-stop on all three major cable news channels now, but I’ve lived through too many “the most important election of our lifetime” to even pretend to be interested or concerned.

    If Trump wins, my side will get more conservative judges/justices on the courts — good news, but their decisions won’t effect me. If a self-described “capitalist” lefty like Warren wins, my taxes on my income and my Wall Street investments will go way up . So what — I can afford it.

    So let’s just get get this boring election over with.


    1. I watched a little bit of the speech, and it was very good. The Rolls Royce joke and the part about the generals in Iraq were very funny.

      I have no idea how clumsy Warren with an unfortunate voice and a total lack of charisma is going to compete.


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