Single-author Courses

The only courses dedicated to a single author that I’ve had were in Cervantes, Galdós, and Calderón. So it’s usually somebody Spanish and deservedly hallowed. I’m sure there have been Lorca courses.

In English lit I’ve had single-author courses on Samuel Johnson, Virginia Woolf, and Mark Twain. Obviously, courses on Shakespeare and Milton also exist. Maybe Chaucer, too.

Has anybody taken, taught, or heard of a single-author course dedicated to a Latin American writer?

7 thoughts on “Single-author Courses”

  1. “a single-author course dedicated to a Latin American writer?”

    I haven’t, but I would be surprised if there hasn’t been one devoted to Marquez or Borges or Paz or Neruda or Llosa…

    If they can’t stop you (or if they simply allow it) I’d say go for it. What if you pass up the chance and it doesn’t roll around again?


  2. In my experience, single-author courses in US Foreign language departments tend to be at the MA/PhD level. I know that I’ve encountered single author courses for Goethe, Brecht, and Thomas Mann in German programs, and I’m pretty sure that someone (now long gone) in our Spanish program had a course that was mostly if not entirely Borges for the graduate students. I think people usually want to do more breadth than depth with undergrads, but if you’ve got strong and interested students, I don’t see a problem with doing a single author course.

    Also, isn’t Castellanos Moya living in Iowa? That’s not that far from you. You might be able to get him to come visit your course at the end of the semester. That would also be a huge motivator for your students if they knew that they would get to meet him.


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