St Louis Encounters

I just talked to a passionate Trump supporter. She’s a scholar, immigrant, feminist, and was completely pro-Obama both times.

But she’s against open borders because the effect of globalization on her very poor country has been really bad. So she likes Trump.

Of course, she only shared her opinions with me because she saw I wasn’t rabid.

5 thoughts on “St Louis Encounters”

  1. Something strange is going on here…on my email notification of this post, the title is given as ?p=41194. However, the title on the blog page is the more reasonable St Louis Encounters .


  2. I’m curious about how exactly globalization has harmed her poor country (I’m not denying that it did). I’m asking because there are may aspects to it, and “open borders” can refer to people or trade.


      1. People often forget how mass migration hurts small poor countries that happen to be located on the way to the final destination. For instance, a Honduran needs to cross Guatemala and Mexico to get to the US. This brings crowds of gangsters, cartel members and a lot of corruption and overstrains the already pathetic welfare in Mexico and Guatemala. Obviously that the Guatemalans who aren’t going anywhere are very unhappy. And that’s everywhere.


  3. Is this important?

    На заседании клуба Валдай Путин сделал сенсационное заявление:

    «Не знаю, большой тайны, наверное, не открою, всё равно это станет ясно: мы сейчас помогаем нашим китайским партнёрам создать систему СПРН — систему предупреждения о ракетном нападении. Это очень серьёзная вещь, которая капитальным, кардинальным образом повысит обороноспособность Китайской Народной Республики. Потому что сейчас такую систему имеют только США и Россия», — поведал Владимир Путин. То есть в обозримом будущем у КНР появится возможность нанести ядерный удар по США в случае, если китайская система СПРН подаст сигнал о ракетной атаке против Китая.


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