Rainbows and Business

At my sister’s business conference, the keynote speaker was a transwoman. She said, “If you want to do something for LGBT rights, I can give you a list of suggestions. First of all, put a rainbow flag on all your social media and tweet out your support as often as possible.”

Everybody dutifully scribbled this in their notebooks.

“No!” the speaker said. “That’s actually a horrible idea. Everybody is doing it and it’s completely useless. It’s empty virtue-signalling. Don’t do it!”

I wasn’t there but I applaud this speaker from a distance. Waving a rainbow flag 30 years ago was brave. Now it’s fashionable. Stop using gay or trans people as marketing tools. Want to do something, then do it. Stop trying to get PR by making empty gestures.

I have a class in a minute but I have a specific example on empty gestures I’ll post later.