Another Great Quote

Just one more quote:

“We want power—we will have power—but we don’t want our names on the door. We want to control whoever’s name is on the door. As progressives, we play the long game. It’s the accrual of power through a process of constant agitation. Chip away at the power structure until that same power answers to you. Never provide constructive alternatives because it’s a trap—everything becomes your responsibility, and responsibility slows us fucking down.”

A Quote from Campusland

While I’m waiting for my dental appointment, here’s a great quote from Campusland. A progressive activist explains why you always have to make unreasonable, over-the-top demands:

“To advance progressive causes,” someone said.

“Yes! But how?”

“By defeating our enemies!” someone else shouted.

“Wrong. Precisely wrong. You don’t want to defeat them. We want to lose—strategically.”

“That makes no sense,” came a reply.

“Let me put it differently. The price of any successful attack is a constructive alternative. Alinsky said that. Alinsky. Think about it. What happens if you make demands and the other side says yes? That’s the moment you have been bought and paid for. They own your ass. That’s why any demands should always be unreasonably high—impossible to comply with. Never give the enemy something they can say yes to… Why do you think the Palestinians don’t have a state? Everyone since Jimmy Carter has offered them one, but they just move the goalposts. Why? Because the moment the struggle succeeds is the moment it ceases to exist, and that is when you lose all power. True power lies in the permanent revolution. Arafat knew that. Castro knew that. If you’re fighting the establishment, you can’t become the establishment. “This is why demands must always be unreasonable. Just as importantly, your outrage must be diffuse, impossible to pin down with specifics.”

A very good novel, folks. And the writing is as non-postmodern as is humanly possible. Do read it.


An article in the NYTimes today is titled:

Why Are Democrats Jilting G.O.P. Voters Who Want to Like Them?

Forget about GOP voters. Why are Democrats trying so hard to ditch many of their own voters? The other day, I spoke with a lifelong Democrat who says she decided – with great sadness and even shock – to vote for Trump. This is somebody who drove me nuts in 2016 with her incessant bellyaching about Bernie’s primary loss to Hillary, so she was never what you’d call a centrist. Still votes straight-ticket Democrat in all local elections. What’s the point of scaring off people like her?

The Glitch

So Ronan Farrow said Hillary and NBC tried to kill his Weinstein story. Once again, where are the metooing pussyhatters, screaming, marching and clawing the doors?

Chris Hayes, at least, had the decency to say yesterday on his show that NBC stinks. Good for him. Where’s everybody else? Ronan Farrow was the liberal mega darling until 5 minutes ago. Does anybody think he’s lying? Or what’s the glitch?

More importantly, if Hillary is capable of something this vile and dishonest, doesn’t it follow that it’s possible that the Russia collusion thing was another dishonest thing she engineered? Is anybody going to have the guts to change their mind on that?

Booker Disappoints

I have no words. The Booker committee skipped two novels of transcendent literary genius on its shortlist and gave the award to Atwood’s TV-series sequel* and to an intersectional lady with a novel about Brexit-wounded polyamorous non-binary social media influencers of color. No, for real.

The first time in years that the Booker shortlist actually has serious literature, and they go and do this. Obviously, the two genius novels still remain in existence, so this isn’t anything tragic. It’s extremely disappointing, though, that no area of life is to be free of “the intersections of identity centering voices we often see othered.” How do you see voices, by the way? Oh, who cares. As long as it’s ideologically appropriate, nobody cares.

*Anybody who feels tempted to inform me that Handmaid’s Tale was a novel first is officially an idiot.