Evaluation Methods

The Diversity office sent out a survey to evaluate the Diversity Day they held this week. The only available ratings are Excellent, Good and Fair.

Students, professors and administration, on the other hand, always get an option for an Unsatisfactory rating of our performance.

4 thoughts on “Evaluation Methods”

  1. “The only available ratings are Excellent, Good and Fair”

    Are you pleased with their performance, very pleased or extraordinarily pleased with the party’s performance. No! Don’t answer! We’ll just mark down “extraordinarily pleased”.

    It’s for your own good, giving them any kind of negative rating would be an attack against diversity itself which is thoughtcrime.


  2. It’s the whole idea of every gets a trophy and no one’s a “loser.” Some trophies might be a little bit bigger than others, but everyone still gets one.


  3. When I was in the military, all full colonels were evaluated annually with a form that had three options on it. The choices were: “1. Definitely promote (to general). 2. Promote. 3. Don’t promote.”

    “Definitely promote” meant “Actually make him a general.”

    “Promote” meant “Keep him a colonel. He’s competent at that rank.”

    “Don’t promote” meant “He’s incompetent. Force him to retire.”


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