Sexism Is Dead

If it weren’t, the extraordinarily beautiful Tulsi Gabbard with her adult movie star voice would be ahead in the polls of old, frumpy Warren with an unpleasant voice.

But she’s not. The frump is winning. It’s all about the issues. Nobody cares about beauty. In this particular instance I wish they did but I’m glad sexism is so dead.

4 thoughts on “Sexism Is Dead”

  1. She is in a cult:

    In February, we wrote about how Gabbard grew up in a strange Hindu sect, the Science of Identity Foundation, that on the one hand promoted a pro-environment vegetarianism, and on the other hand advocated for a virulent hatred of gay people.

    Gabbard has disavowed that part of her upbringing, claiming that she’s fully on board for gay rights, but recent evidence, including videos, suggests that she still considers Science of Identity Foundation leader Chris Butler, a/k/a Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, to be her personal “guru dev.”

    Butler has not reacted very kindly to press inquiries about him and his group, and we noted how interesting it was that Butler hired a Scientology attorney, Anthony Glassman, to try and intimidate journalists asking questions.

    Just what we need in the Oval Office.


  2. According to Hillary, Gabbard is also a “Russian asset” being “groomed” to throw the 2020 election by running as a 3rd party candidate. (Jill Stein is a Russian agent, too.)

    Hillary gets more entertaining everyday.


  3. “I’m glad sexism is so dead”

    Is this a very subtle form of humor? The media hates, hates HATES Gabbard because she slightly deviates from the neoliberal party line at times and is falling all over themselves to say nice things about Warren (who manages the feat of being more even boring than Clinton – at least she’s become entertainingly demented).
    Gabbard and maybe Sanders are the only democrats I can remotely stand (and they both have serious policy flaws for me).


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