Canadian Election

It’s not looking good, oh, it’s not looking good. I’m afraid that grateful potheads and Twitteroid meatheads will give Trudeau a win.

10 thoughts on “Canadian Election”

  1. I thought Trudeau was going to have real problems with his blackface/brownface scandals and the SNC-Lavalin scandals. Those are the kind of things the “Twitteroid meatheads” have problems with.

    What are you hoping for? He loses 7 seats he can’t form a majority government.


    1. It’s still Canada, though. People are very calm. Nobody took these scandals seriously.

      I hoped Trudeau would be out on his ass. But it never happens if there’s no economic collapse.


    2. “thought Trudeau was going to have real problems with his blackface/brownface scandals”

      First rule of Soviet style thought control: Enforcement is selective and applies primarily downward. They don’t apply to those at the top (except in cases of intra-elite power conflicts).

      If similar costume party pics of some middle class schmuck working in a middle management position were made public then he would be humiliated and persecuted out of a job to make way for a docile wokester. If a party leader does it…. people politely ignore it (or gently tsk tsk) and the system continues.

      Knowing about Central-Eastern European communism (and how it really worked) makes the news so much easier to understand….


      1. Trudeau took selfies with ladies in hijabs. That wipes out any other misdeed whatsoever.

        But Canada is weird on many levels. The most hardcore racists of the “why did you ever leave Ukraine? It’s such a great country. There are no n——-s there!” kind vote for NDP.


        1. I thought Canada was more “woke.” At least that’s the impression I get from your posts about Quebec and the fact you said Canada was “worse” in response to a recent post about an Arizona judicial ruling. Also you said you had culture shock from American style racism when you first came here.

          Also I thought elections were “intra-elite power conflicts.” No?

          Anyways, Trudeau doesn’t have a majority government anymore so what concessions does he have to make to NDP or Bloc Quebecois in order to form a government?


          1. They are worse very specifically on child mutilation. But there’s very little interest in inflated racial grievances. Probably because there aren’t any.

            They are worse on child mutilation and women’s rights for sure. There are no women dragged around on leashes or crowds of completely shrouded women in the US. And it’s not surprising that this then translates into pedophiles posing as trans or courts ordering child abuse.


        2. “took selfies with ladies in hijabs”

          Color me skeptical… what is a woman in a hijab doing getting close enough to a non-mahram man to have a selfie taken with him? The whole idea of hijab is that non-mahram men are inherently dangerous sexually and there need to be physical and spatial barriers between men and women – which seems like a very odd thing for modern feminists to support, but what do I know?


  2. At least, this is a minority government. Andrew Scheer (who became the Conservative leader in the most rigged leadership run in Canada’s history) and his stupid establishment are mainly responsible for this defeat.

    Scheer is the Hillary Clinton of the Canadian Conservatives.


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