Just the Beginning

I will now start looking into how to get my Ukrainian passport back. And it’s obviously not because I think I’m such a shitty parent that I’ll be in this situation. It’s because this is just the beginning.

9 thoughts on “Just the Beginning”

  1. I thought you never gave it up?
    Also, you can actually go to Canada, unlike all of these other petulants. Or is Canada worse?


  2. The mother indicated L. had “long demonstrated a preference for stereotypically ‘female’ items” at that point and “would wear female clothing at home.” The father instead argued the mother was “pushing a female gender identification on L.” and asked for sole legal custody and for L. to live with him full-time, which he ultimately won.

    In the meantime, a family-court judge implemented sweeping orders forbidding the mother to discuss gender-related issues at home; dress L. in female clothing; let the child have any “female-oriented” toys; or refer to L. as “her,” “she” or a “girl.”

    The injunctions were described as temporary, but they remained in place for more than two years — despite a psychologist, physician and psychotherapist independently diagnosing L. with gender dysphoria. The clinical term refers to lasting distress caused by a conflict between the gender a person is assigned based on anatomy and the gender that person feels.


    Indeed, more than a year after the court began policing L.’s gender expression at home, court records show the child “made statements about dying” and “threatened or engaged in self-harm.”

    Supreme Court: Intervention not always ‘micromanagement’

    The family-court judge tried to minimize danger to L. by mandating treatment with a specific counselor and gender expert, and by prohibiting the parents from discussing gender-identity issues with the child.

    But the Appeals Court last year overturned those orders, calling the limitations a “severe micromanagement of Mother and Father’s parenting” in its ruling.

    In its Thursday opinion, the Supreme Court generally agreed the family-court judge had overstepped, noting that while the father initially resisted L.’s desire to “gender explore,” he later agreed to therapy for both L. and himself.

    But it disagreed that courts can’t mandate therapy or treatment at all, finding such orders appropriate if a child would otherwise be “physically endangered or suffer significant emotional impairment.”

    It asked the family court to revisit that element of the case and see if L.’s situation would meet that threshold.

    “If the court makes any or all these (endangerment) findings, it may order Father to continue L.’s therapy, retain a gender expert, and/or permit L. to gender explore,” the Supreme Court concluded.

    Isn’t that scary, boys and girls? Better they should die as a he, than live as a she.


    1. The family-court judge is the only sane person who cares about the child in this whole situation. Everybody else, especially the parents, is engaging in child abuse.


  3. // I will now start looking into how to get my Ukrainian passport back.

    The alternative to trans and co. wars is expressed in the following article and I like even less than ‘madness of crowds’ (a huge part of the article is about the modern West):

    Does Israel need peace?

    Ukraine now is a country at war like Israel.

    You once joked how Klara could become a settler in Israel as a teenage rebellion and since having a house like yours already wouldn’t be a personal achievement for her the way it was for you.

    Now you think of potentially returning to a country with a draft …

    I would rather have job wars over stupid tweets than real wars. The latter may leave one dead.


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