Psychological Health Challenge, Day 6

Tomorrow I will start cold-hot-cold post-workout showers. They are actually great for anybody in a productivity slump, too.

But if that’s too weird for you, try to do as many behaviors as you can from the previous 5 days.

3 thoughts on “Psychological Health Challenge, Day 6”

  1. OK, so only the genuine Latvian sauna was hot enough to get me to do this. I actually managed to get really hot and then swim in a freezing pool. Back and forth. I think that here, nothing ever gets hot enough to make you go for the contrast like that. But: we’ll see if I can get myself to do it. In the gym, the super-cold pool is far away from anything hot, and the warm one isn’t hot enough, or close enough to the cold one. We’ll see.


    1. ” In the gym, the super-cold pool is far away from anything hot”

      I have the same problem at he Rudas thermal baths in Budapest (one of my favorite spots in the world). The super cool pool (16 c) is too far from the scalding hot (44 c) pool or the steam rooms (40 and 44 or so degrees) so I just chicken out at go to the 28 or so degree pool instead….
      My favorite routine is several times in the steam room (including the second hotter chamber) and the 28 degree pool (or cold water shower) then in the super hot pool for a few minutes and then to the 30 c pool – it feels like my insides just…. melt which is a surprisingly pleasant feeling. I always feel like a million dollars when I leave.

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