Yet Again

The administration is proposing that we amp up our research category to R-2 (we are currently a pathetic R-3). But it looks like the idea will come to nothing because the “it’s always been this way” dusty oldsters are getting all pouty again.

A colleague’s book got a write-up in the leading Spanish newspaper. I got a medal. A friend at another department is creating breakthrough stuff in chemistry. We have people doing some pretty cool things. But we don’t get recognized or even noticed because it’s all about who can come up with a more ingenious way to push as many students as possible over the graduation line irrespective of whether they actually know anything. It’s all about selling illusion, and it’s tiresome.

We are losing great people because this system only works for those who want warm, comfortable stagnation.

One thought on “Yet Again”

  1. A thought on “it’s always been that way” in the post Yet Again.

    Different colleges and universities may have dramatically different customs. A colleague in Anthropology twenty five or so years ago told me that at the institution where he got his first job out of grad school, freshman level courses such as the first critical reading and writing or college algebra and trigonometry were assigned without regard to the specialty of the faculty member, since the college’s position was that any educated person should be able to teach these courses. He said that, in retrospect, he was a better intellectual while he was there, though perhaps became a better anthropologist after he got a position at an R1 university.


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