Begging for Discipline

More than 60 percent of Americans agree on restricting speech in some way, while a slim majority, 51 percent, want to see the First Amendment rewritten to “reflect the cultural norms of today.” The Campaign for Free Speech, which conducted the survey, said the results “indicate free speech is under more threat than previously believed.”

The desire to live in a totalitarian regime is shared by all generations but is the worst among the young:

Nearly 60 percent of Millennials—respondents between the ages of 21 and 38—agreed that the Constitution “goes too far in allowing hate speech in modern America” and should be rewritten, compared to 48 percent of Gen Xers and 47 percent of Baby Boomers. A majority of Millennials also supported laws that would make “hate speech” a crime—of those supporters, 54 percent said violators should face jail time.

How sad is it that people have so devolved and have become so stupefied in a mere 200 years since freedom of speech became possible. It’s hard to imagine a young generation clamoring to be punished and dragged off to jail for saying things but here it is.

People always ultimately get the government they want, so they will get their totalitarianism and feel extremely happy.

4 thoughts on “Begging for Discipline”

  1. Part of the problem is that people have a hard time imagining that it might be their speech that gets tagged as hate speech. Always assume that it will be your opponents who will be the ones enforcing whatever law you pass.


  2. If you believe that freedom of speech can be impinged upon by anything other than the government, and that you can be censored by a corporation, we’re already here so why would any of these younger people notice and object to its erosion? I don’t see a whole lot of people, young or old, protesting the indiscriminate use of non disclosure agreements, which are great muzzles for any wrong doing you care to name. 🙂

    It sounds like the “Millennials” really want fighting words to come back.

    Where did you find the quotes in the post?

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