Cosmopolitan Bandits

I’m reading an FB page where Russian nouveau riche are discussing how to weasel their way into having a collection of passports from idiot countries that can be saddled with paying medical expenses and providing prestige and legitimacy to them and their equally evil family members. You can be a millionaire but that’s no reason to pay for grandma’s healthcare, is it?

Right now, the bandits are in a panic because if Brexit happens (and they are so stupid they think it will happen), their favorite way of getting UK passports will be closed to them.

I don’t know what the Leavers are thinking, trying to deprive the country of this extremely valuable group of dirty rotten bastards experiment in diversity.

One thought on “Cosmopolitan Bandits”

  1. Liked the post:

    The Shifting Ground of Conditioning Aid to Israel

    Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg were both asked last weekend whether U.S. assistance to Israel should be used as a way of influencing Israeli behavior, and they both answered in ways that opened up the door to that possibility while being ambiguous about whether and how they would actually pursue it.


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