Not a Good Argument

I’ve already had my fill of these inane discussions back when we were unionizing.

“But we never had a union, so why should we have one now? But it’s always been this way. But won’t having a union mean too much change? Wouldn’t it just be a lot of work for everybody?, etc, etc.”

Now we have a union, everybody’s got a sizeable raise, and everybody is happy as a clam because guess what? Things change. And we have to change the way we respond to the changing reality.

Now the university is considering a move to R2. And it’s the same old thing. “But it’s always been this way. But wouldn’t that mean a lot of change? Blah, blah, blah.”

I’m obviously not saying that any change should be embraced maniacally. There are tons of idiotic initiatives that should not be adopted. What I am saying is that “it’s always been this way” is not a good argument.

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