Surveillance Capitalism in Action

My father lives in Canada and is a passionate supporter of Montreal Canadiens, a hockey team.

The moment he came over to visit us from Canada, I started getting Google updates about Montreal Canadiens on my phone. The team was playing against Toronto Maple Leafs today, and my phone was going nuts with notifications.

I don’t follow hockey, and nothing like this happened until my father came over. He doesn’t have a smartphone, by the way.

The Death of Catholicism

Oh wow, did you, folks, see the latest insanity from Pope Francis? He’s now OK with married priests. But it gets worse (for Catholicism, not for me. We are Orthodox, and our parish grows as a result of this kind of craziness):

If Francis, who has already signaled an openness on the issue, accepts the bishops’ recommendation, he will turn the remote areas of the Amazon into a laboratory for a Catholic Church looking to the global south for its future, with married priests and indigenous rites mixing with traditional liturgy.

I told you Francis was a fraud from the start.

No Need for Extreme

And I wish people stopped saying that candidates need to be extreme to win the primary. Normal people vote in primaries. There’s no ban on non-snowflakes voting. The current battle for the vote of the most unhinged SJW hysteric on the planet is repelling the masses of perfectly normal Democrats who have perfectly normal concerns and interests.

I very much want to vote in the primary but I’m one declaration of pronouns by Bernie away from not bothering. Chirping idiotically about pronouns or the welfare entitlements of utterly imaginary trans immigrant incarcerated Salvadorans is akin to spitting in the face of the millions of Democratic voters who face a million real problems.


A colleague recently concluded that our students are extremely racist because a few told him he was intimidating. He decided this could only be because he’s not white.

I’m constantly told I’m intimidating but I always attribute this to my huge intellectual prowess.

I guess we all choose narratives that suit us best.

Zero Discrimination

The anonymous survey of professors revealed that exactly zero of us experienced anything remotely resembling any sort of discrimination. And that’s self-reporting by a notoriously self-pitying group.

Everybody except for me was stunned by the results. I wasn’t because I had predicted the result with 100% certainty.

But it’s truly funny how people believe the ridiculous stories about massive discrimination in academia that they themselves create.