It Worked

The psychological health challenge was so successful that it culminated in a very restful long weekend where I:

  • did no work of any kind
  • didn’t read a single email
  • didn’t bring my phone with me anywhere
  • had 3 batches of guests come over
  • read for fun and only for fun
  • went to the salon
  • went on a date with my husband (well, obviously with my husband)
  • laid in the bathtub and stared at the sky
  • got a ton of sleep
  • had a very good workout
  • did not follow the news
  • and finally – finally! – used the famous rose petal facial mask

Hoax or Not?

Folks, does anybody know if this is a hoax or if the NYTIMES really published this deranged hagiography of Stalin in 1953?

The part about Stalin personally leading the troops in WWII is even more insane than the part about the “supreme genius.”

Got to be a hoax, right?