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Women don’t exist, get over it.

6 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. This definition must be preserved for posterity:

    // “Woman” is a slur used by the patriarchy to keep non-binary, gender-neutral, trans people in a box. The very notion that women exist keeps so many people from being able to exist.


    As for ” Are you a straight man? You can’t have sex with somebody with a penis? Really? Are you actually that much of a bigot? And I see you, lesbians, you don’t get to hide. Embrace it.”, I thought the following story was a lie, but now am not so sure:

    О благородном британском здравоохранении и судебном иске


  2. Maybe this will cheer you up. At a summit meeting in Chicago, Obama made a statement slamming “woke” culture and its attendant hysterical purity policing and mobbing.

    I look forward to progressive heads exploding. I expect that hyperventilating denunciations of Obama as a LITERAL NAZI! will start appearing on twitter any moment now…


    1. I really wish somebody asks at the next debate, “How do you feel about president Obama’s recent statement about cancel culture?” That would be really great.


  3. ‘Women don’t exist… ‘etc. I read this rant and came to the obvious conclusion, it’s an attempt at radical humour. So, comedy obviously. Some people must not be taken seriously, for their own sakes. They must be encouraged onstage at once. They’ll feel so much better in the spotlight, being laughed at.
    Before anybody leaps upon a high horse, I do know two trans people, both of them are kind, lovely and entirely rational. They are not comedians.


    1. It is a humorous post but it’s only funny because this is the narrative we are forced to accept as absolutely reasonable and the only acceptable one in academia.

      It might seem like bizarre humor if you aren’t exposed to this kind of thing at work. But I’ve had to purge the word “women” from an announcement for a feminist conference because it’s offensive, so I do get this humor.


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