More Frozen

For obvious reasons, I’m reading a lot of Frozen. Like in A LOT of Frozen. And since Frozen 2 is coming out soon, my future contains even more Frozen.

But it’s not a total waste of time. As I read the 164-page story for the fourth time, I reflect on all the ways in which today’s entertainment industry is indebted to the theater theory created by our great playwright Lope de Vega 400 years ago. For instance, the introduction of the goofy Olaf into the most dramatic, high-tension scenes. That’s Lope’s famous rule about mixing the tragic with the comic. We see it done all the time but we often forget who laid down this rule. The Greek theater, as we know, offered unrelieved tragedy, and the possibility of marrying the tragic and the comic (because that’s how things work in nature) only occurred to writers later.

3 thoughts on “More Frozen”

  1. Do you read Tangled too? Watched both those movies and loved the songs in both.

    Hopefully, you’ll soon be able to get Klara a bit acquainted with Ukrainian culture too via “Mavka. The Forest Song”. Watched the teaser trailer and loved the folk music in it.


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