November 1

The hardest part of the semester is done and I have also concluded my very time-consuming service obligation. Amazon First Reads is here, it’s finally getting colder, Beto will finally stop inflicting himself on the voters, and Halloween activities are behind us.

I have a big week ahead of me – I’m cooking a huge shepherd’s pie to feed the whole parish, lunching with the Chancellor, giving a talk about Ukraine here in town, and meeting two article submission deadlines – but still I feel restful.

This is my favorite day of the year aside from New Year’s, and daylight savings night is just icing on the cake.

By the way, N and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary on the thirteenth. So it’s a good month altogether.

Forget WWII

Everybody is dumping on the unripe British Twitteroid who said there’s no reason to keep teaching about WWII but I think he’s onto something.

Putin is exploiting the “we defeated Nazism so we are entitled” narrative to invade countries all over the world.

Americans are hunting imaginary Nazis under every bush and around every corner. They are about to erase the entire constitution to thwart non-existing Nazis.

Germany is so tortured with guilt that it’s been enacting an embarrassing “white man’s burden” spectacle for years.

People seem increasingly incapable of discussing anything related to WWII without going batshit nutsazoid. I think we all need a break from incessant repetitions of words like “genocide, fascism, concentration camps, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.” I suggest we leave the subject of WWII in peace for a couple generations and come back to it when everybody calms the fuck down already.

So yeah, I’m with the unripe Brit (if anybody has a link or the name, please share. I lost my link to the story). Young people deserve a break from our inane expressions of guilt over something that happened to somebody else a gubizillion years ago. It’s hardly fair that they should experience housing shortages today because Hitler murdered Jews. Belated repentance and expiation on somebody else’s behalf are ridiculous.

Let’s talk about the Mongol invasion of Europe in the 13th century instead. That’s a fascinating topic that hopefully won’t produce any self-flagellation excesses.

Victory over Ideology Hounds

Great news:

The University of Michigan will disband its “Bias Response Team” as part of a settlement reached with a campus free-speech nonprofit that sued the university over the first amendment violations inherent in the team’s mandate.

It would be great if this happened on all campuses. It’s so beautiful to see that there are still people who are fighting against this sovietization unlike the sheeple who don’t see what the big deal is.