On Fire

It was clear from the start that Warren lied about pregnancy discrimination. This kind of discrimination obviously exists but it just as obviously didn’t exist in her case. All instances of discrimination that are mysteriously discovered three seconds into a campaign are fake.

Why do these people so love playing a victim? I can just imagine her sitting with her campaign advisors, trying to figure out how to attach victimhood claims to a truly charmed existence of an extraordinarily fortunate and overprivileged person.

Hypocrisy in Action

If it’s ok to destroy schools for gifted kids in order to promote “diversity and inclusion,” drag children (the operative word being CHILDREN) to “climate protests,” teach kids that boys can menstruate, and force fifth-graders into a unisex bathroom, then it’s definitely ok to get kids to “build a wall” for Halloween.

But if any of these actions are not ok, then the rest stink, too. I think they all stink to high heaven and every adult involved in any of them is a disgusting, ridiculous piece of refuse.

It’s not just wrong to use children to promote the ideology you dislike. It’s wrong to use children to promote any ideology, irrespective of whether it flatters your confirmation bias.

Unwilling Fan

My father is also a fan of soccer in Ukraine, so now I’m also getting soccer updates. Curiously, it’s just me. N isn’t getting any notifications on behalf of my dad. If this is happening because my father used his laptop at our IP address, the spyware knows he’s related to me and not to N.

Sunday Service

I never went to church when I was growing up for obvious reasons, so I was sincerely baffled why people sacrificed their Sunday mornings to trudge up to Sunday service. It seemed like the most mystifying behavior imaginable. Instead of sleeping in and then lounging around in pajamas they would get dressed and go hang out with a bunch of other sleepy folks.

The first time I went to an Orthodox service last spring, I was even more perplexed. The service was long, very repetitive, and utterly unentertaining. And you couldn’t even leave after it was finally over because people wanted to socialize. Cheery religious people beaming at me on a Sunday morning. I thought I’d never go back.

By the end of next week, though, I was counting hours until I could go back. Now I realize that I’d been robbed. I could have been going for decades! Now I totally get why people go. I could pay tons of money to spend the morning at a spa and I’d still not achieve the same kind of peacefulness that I get from church.

The funny thing is that I barely get to hear 10% of the service because Klara insists on going, too, and I end up being on intense childcare duty, which is anything but restful. But the service still works! Even 10% is better than nothing.

I hate the Soviet Union.