My body responds extremely well to daylight savings time. Slight disruptions of routine can actually be extremely beneficial. I have no idea why everybody hates DS so much.

3 thoughts on “DST”

  1. Most people are more sleep deprived than they’re willing to admit. They’re also more sensitive to light (especially natural light) than they let on.

    People usually complain about “spring forward” not “fall back” although anyone who works a third shift on a weekend is pretty miserable right now.


  2. Also, it’s a pain in the ass to have to manually reset all of the non-“smart” clocks and watches twice a year.

    Of course, here in Arizona we never go on DST!. 🙂


    1. Actually Navajo reservations lands in the north do… but the Hopi reservation inside the Navajo lands… don’t.
      For me, the Navajo and Hopi feud is like when two of your best friends meet…. and instantly dislike each other, a source of deep sadness….. I’ve never known any Navajo or Hopi people but I’m greatly attracted to indigenous American cultures and any of them not getting along makes me sad.


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