Feel the Difference

And this is how the leading Spanish newspaper El País is covering the story:

La tragedia ha golpeado con fuerza nuevamente a la familia LeBarón, un gran clan mormón que vive en Galeana, Chihuahua, al norte de México. En 2009, Julián LeBarón se convirtió en un improbable defensor de los derechos humanos en el nivel nacional. El agricultor, que también tiene la nacionalidad estadounidense, fue una de las principales voces que exigieron el fin de la violencia provocada por el combate del Estado a los grupos de la delincuencia organizada. Su papel cobró notoriedad entonces porque fue una de las pocas víctimas dispuestas a dar la cara para explicar cómo la violencia había roto sus vidas. Diez años después, Julián LeBarón ha vuelto a narrar un horror que no cesa. Esta vez por un suceso lleno de saña ocurrido en la frontera con el Estado de Sonora, donde tres mujeres —una de ellas, Rhonita María Miller— y seis menores de su familia fueron incineradosen medio de una disputa entre bandas criminales.

For those who have been banned by Google Translate, the people that the US media undeservedly calls violent and sordid are here correctly reported as valiant human rights defenders on a national scale.

It so happens that right at this time I’m teaching about today’s Mexico, so I’m on the lookout for the news about the country. When you look at the US and Spanish reporting, this sounds like two completely different stories. The point I’m trying to make with all this posting is this: how do you know what other stories your news sources are modifying like they’ve done with this one?

Masochists of the World, Unite!

Why is progressivism so much about being punitive and encouraging self-flagellation?

Here is a really funny link about the demand that asthmatics sacrifice themselves for climate.

Gossip Mill

Somebody drove up to the local high school in a truck that had a racial slur drawn on it. The truck was removed by security.

Since then, parents have gone into a intense freakout mode on FB. One freak in a car turned into several groups of violent racists running around promising to shoot up the town, crowds of police and several violent altercations have been invented, and terrified parents are keeping kids home from school. Since this morning, the number of violent altercations people say somebody saw those from one to 7, and the number is growing. The principal is begging people to stop gossiping but it’s not working.

Link of the Day

The most important thing to read today is this:
Even more concerning, say experts, are the young ages at which children are being exposed.

“About 90% are using screens by age one,” said Hutton, who published a number of studies that used MRIs to research the impact of reading versus screen use by kids. “We’ve done some studies where kids are using them by 2 months old to 3 months old.”