Can There Be a Jewish Culture?

The Ukraine talk went very well. Everybody was engaged, asked a lot of questions, and people seemed interested in Ukraine outside of the impeachment farce.

The only annoying person was a lady who just couldn’t accept the possibility that non-practicing Jews can exist. (I mentioned that Zelensky is Jewish). She kept interrupting and interrupting with a very rude, “But what is a Jewish culture? How can it be real? There’s no such thing. That’s ridiculous!” Then she offered a bizarre analogy between being Jewish and eating pork steak, whatever that is.

It’s especially bizarre that a black lady had such a hard time understanding the concept of ethnicity and persecution of ethnic minorities.

It’s also interesting that you get this aggressive questioning of how Jews define themselves (which isn’t anybody else’s business but their own, actually) in the US and not in Ukraine.

It’s also interesting that everybody is too polite to ask how Megan Markle is black and AOC “a woman of color” but this kind of protracted public grilling on “I don’t get how you are Jewish, now prove it to me” is ok.

Thankfully, the angry lady had to leave soon because she didn’t want to miss her daily Maddow episode. Seriously, that’s what she said.

One thought on “Can There Be a Jewish Culture?”

  1. “couldn’t accept the possibility that non-practicing Jews can exist”

    Getting here late, but did you spend any time explaining the Soviet nationality system? I know more about it than most Americans but I still don’t get it completely… and without some knowledge of it worked anything you say about Jews in former USSR countries is liable to confuse most Americans (trained for years and years by American Jews) to think of Jewish as a religious label (so that non-religious Jews are like lapsed catholics and not members of a genetically distinct group).


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