So it looks like the person who leaked the Amy Robach video about ABC suppressing the Epstein story in the midst of Hillary’s presidential campaign has been fired. This isn’t front-page news while Zelensky’s completely imaginary danger of losing voter support because of investigating Biden is.

Now let’s discuss some more how it’s important to protect whistleblowers.

2 thoughts on “Whistleblowers”

  1. I don’t know what to make of this:
    Former NBC host Megyn Kelly has conducted her first on-camera interview since her morning show was cancelled in October 2018, sitting down with the woman who has been blamed for the release of an internal video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach expressing frustration with her network for shelving an interview with a Jeffrey Epstein accuser.

    The woman, Ashley Bianco, served as an associate producer at ABC News before leaving for CBS News. She lost her new job at the network, four days in, after the conservative advocacy group Project Veritas published the internal video on Tuesday.

    “Did you leak the tape?” Kelly asked her, for a video published on YouTube. “I did not,” Bianco responded. “Not to anyone? At any time?” Kelly replied. “No, never,” Bianco said.

    Bianco said she made a clip of Robach’s comments, recorded this summer on a “hot mic,” saved it into the network’s internal system, and “essentially marked it into the system.” She added, “I did it just for office gossip.”

    “I was watching the comments while I was at my desk, and I had seen what she was saying, and I went to my manager and said, ‘Do you see what she’s saying? Does she know that she’s on a hot mic?'” Bianco said. “The assistant said to us that Amy knew she was on a mic, and she knew she was being broadcast to all the affiliates.”

    Bianco described the real-time reaction at ABC to Robach’s comments about her interview with Virginia Giuffre: “Everyone in the office was freaked out by what she was saying, and everyone was watching it.”

    She said she loved working at ABC and had no desire to embarrass her network or Robach.

    “I didn’t touch it after that,” Bianco said of the internal clipping. “It stayed in the system. I hadn’t even heard of Project Veritas until this.”

    She said she was “shocked” when James O’Keefe’s organization released the clip.

    Bianco expressed frustration with CBS’ decision to part ways with her. “I wasn’t even given the professional courtesy to defend myself,” she said. “I didn’t know what I had been accused of. It was humiliating. It was devastating.”…


    1. A woman was fired for revealing a silencing of another woman on the subject of sexual abuse of underage girls. And yet again, no pussyhatters in sight. I guess they only care when aged actresses aren’t successful at prostituting themselves.


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