On Its Way to Communism

Romania-born academic says he recently left his tenured position at Columbia University because the Ivy League school is “on its way toward full blown communism,” according to a Romanian TV interview translated by a Romanian-American immigrant... According to his faculty bio, Serban is an accomplished theater and opera producer who served as the director of the Romanian National Theater and won a Tony Award.

Good for him because he is famous and has someplace to go. But it’s definitely those of us who experienced totalitarianism who are recognizing this before everybody else.

8 thoughts on “On Its Way to Communism”

  1. “those of us who experienced totalitarianism who are recognizing this”

    I haven’t experienced totalitarianism… but I’m gladder and gladder that I’m not in the US now….

    And before people try to hijack the thread to make it about transgenderism, if he’s directed opera he will be very familiar with biological males and females playing roles that are the other sex. His particular problem wasn’t that the student was transgender, but rather clearly had no idea about what kind of type* they were in theatrical terms and then the other professors blamed him for the student having a bad audition (scapegoating individuals for failures of the system was a staple of Iron Curtain countries).

    *casting term,see:


    1. Exactly. It isn’t about the student or the part in a play. Who cares about some stupid school play. It’s about being humiliated, constantly and pointedly for not loudly affirming patently insane ideas. You either convince yourself that “war is peace and peace is war” or if you aren’t capable of this kind of malleability, you are hounded into compliance.


  2. I work in a far more totalitarian institution and it isn’t because of affirmative action.

    And is talking about Juliet and gender really hijacking the thread? They’re his examples. Juliet would have been played by a boy in Shakespeare’s time, and in García Lorca’s gender-bending El Público, is a boy.


    1. This isn’t about affirmative action or boys playing female parts in plays. It’s about totalitarian mentality. The issues it’s used to promote are unimportant. It’s all about the persecution of the minutest deviations from the “correct” ideology. It’s about a rabid, ignorant, ululating majority hounding anybody with a trace of independent thought.

      We obviously had no affirmative action or transgenderism in the USSR. It’s the oppressive, stupefying anti-intellectualism of righteous ideologues that this professor and I recognize.

      But it’s really hard to explain to anybody who wasn’t there to experience it.


      1. “persecution of the minutest deviations from the “correct” ideology”

        yes, the essence is the emperor’s new clothes (like so much of modern US progressive orthodoxy)

        had that fable took place in an Iron Curtain country the little boy who said the emperor was naked would be put in reform school and his parents might lose their jobs and living space (the threat of losing housing was often used by the Polish communist government and I imagine in the USSR too).


        1. Right, in my university people are under job threats, credibility threats, etc. because of emperor’s new clothes phenom. Of course the right wing says affirmative action is the problem but I’d say much more the customer service model, the adhesion to university “brand,” the injunction to never mention problems, etc. I do actually think it matters what the issue is and have been listening to people say feminism, antiracism, etc. were “nazism” and such for 40-50 years now


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