It Can’t Happen Here

And here’s Soviet-style totalitarianism in Canada. Again, this is not about the girl’s beliefs or the practice she opposes. There were obviously no rainbow poppies in the USSR. Back there it would be about the red young pioneer kerchief. Or, more likely, if we are talking about a 17-year-old, girl a pair of earrings she refused to take off. But the self-righteousness of her hounders and the language they choose would be identical.

Of course, I also think that the practice of sticking rainbows on anything because it’s fashionable to virtue-signal is idiotic and does absolutely nothing for gay rights. Zero gay people were helped (or, I’m guessing, asked for) by this girl’s persecution. But that’s not even the point in this story, though.

I know I sound like a broken record with this kind of thing but I really, truly recognize something sinister being created around us and I don’t know how to convince people to take it seriously. The “it can’t happen here” mentality is too strong.

28 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here”

  1. It seems like comments with links in them are not going through. But I tried to post one with a video of a meeting that opened with a prayer. At a public university. In the name of diversity.

    What we’re seeing here is a new religion.


      1. Native American ancestors.

        You might want to check the spam filter to see if it caught a comment with a YouTube link in it.


        1. Thanks for posting it. I think you’ll be simultaneously amused and horrified when you see how obedient the audience is during the prayer (complete with incense!).


  2. This is nuts.

    But also this story stinks to high heaven. How is this girl related to an MP and have no idea how to formulate an argument? Further what is the point of any of the poppies, red, rainbow or otherwise? And why isn’t her famous relative framing this disproportionate punishment as racist school discipline on an indigenous girl? Advocate for the girl! Why is everyone in this story so bad at taking a position, any position? Nobody thinks.


    1. It’s a favorite Canadian tradition to wear these poppies to commemorate the fallen in the war. What WWI has to do with rainbows is a mystery.

      Here is the hierarchy. Race beats biological sex. Sexual identity beats race. Gender fluidity beats sexual identity. So basically, POC over women, gays over POC, trans over gay.

      This is why screaming racism or sexism in this situation is a waste of time.


      1. That sure does seem to be the hierarchy — I guess in reverse order, it is the identities people most fear, so most try to be polite to? (I have no idea whether this is even partly right)


  3. While I deplore and resist many trends in our brave new world, and you do an invaluable service by calling attention to them, “totalitarian” is a strong word, and it also carries connotations of the single-party ideological state.

    Perhaps what is actually happening, is that western democracies are becoming “managed democracies” in which the elite classes share “progressive values”, and in which the center-left parties (heirs of the Clinton-Blair third way) are the de facto party of power, but conservatives are allowed a chance at office if they reform themselves on progressive lines.

    I suppose I would like to figure out the difference, if any, between “emerging totalitarianism” and “new cultural norms applied and enforced illiberally”. The latter is certainly already here. Maybe the question is whether it is an organic new culture, or a brittle construct artificially maintained.

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    1. “in which the elite classes share “progressive values””

      Only if you think pedophilia is a progressive value…. there were no poor men flying the lolita express….

      The elite are using progressive slogans to distract people from what they’re doing and bully those who don’t like it into shutting up. Extremely like the Iron Curtain countries.


    2. Here in the US we’ll have a one-party rule within 5-7 years. Republicans won’t be able to get elected anywhere. It’s a situation of their own making but it’s definitely going there. Once Texas flips blue, Republicans are done for. They can’t even get elected in Kentucky anymore, it’s insane.

      Then we’ll all be one big California and burn to the ground. What a victory for progress.


      1. It’s not some bizarre turn of events that Kentucky elected a Democratic governor. Kentucky, until very recently, pretty much only elected Democrats to statewide office. Kentucky has only elected two Republian governors since the 1960s, one in 2003 and one in 2015. Both of them served only one term before being defeated by a Democrat. Beshear himself was attorney general while Bevin was governor, showing that even in 2015, Dems could get elected in Kentucky. However, apart from governor, Republicans swept the statewide office elections in Kentucky this year.

        When Kentucky elects a Democratic senator, I’ll start taking the fear of one party rule within 5-7 years seriously. As it is, I feel you have temporarily lost touch with reality. Totalitarianism could come to America, but it won’t happen like that.


        1. As I said before, today’s totalitarianism in the West has absolutely nothing to do with the state and state power. Which party wind which elections is completely unimportant.

          Our totalitarianism comes not from without but from within. We interiorize the norms of global capital and discipline ourselves and others according to them. The state will be of help in this process inasmuch as it does the bidding of global capital but it has no decisive power to set its own course anymore.

          In which aspects of domestic policy would Hillary Clinton’s presidency differ from Trump’s? Rhetoric would differ but policy? Let’s be serious.


          1. I agree that the state plays little role in today’s totalitarian, which is why it puzzles me why you went down this “one party rule!” train of thought in the first place.


      2. Here in the US we’ll have a one-party rule within 5-7 years. Republicans won’t be able to get elected anywhere.
        Nah. I say it’s an even tossup as to which party will cease to exist for different reasons.

        Then we’ll all be one big California and burn to the ground. What a victory for progress.
        I think we’re in trouble no matter who has power. The BBC America news roundup is great for telling you which swathes of the world are currently on fire.


        1. ” it’s an even tossup as to which party will cease to exist for different reasons”

          This. I really think we’re on the verge of a shift in which two parties make up the system (they’ve changed several times in the past) and that makes things seem much more unsettled than they are. The party that survives will be the one that gets ahead of public dissatisfaction with the current neoliberal consensus.
          Sanders could do it, Trump could do it (maybe others can too) but the established leadership are fighting it tooth and nail and throwing support by Joe “Hurry Sundown” Biden and Elisabeth “Say Anything” Warren and the like.


    1. That’s brilliant. I’ve seen other versions. It’s like the pictures of colonial castes in Latin America, which were not there to “celebrate” variation in color among humans, and had a retrograde function — I don’t believe all this parsing, here, is really liberating although surely some think so


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