Link of the Day

“A note to progressives: tell me how this ends.”

A brilliant article.

4 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. Loved this re Russian revolution:

    Из воспоминаний Константина Коровина о русской революции

    The maximalism in this quote reminds me of some purists today:

    // One excited person told me that everything must be burned and destroyed. And then rebuilt.
    “What,” asked I , “should all buildings be burnt?”
    “Of course, they too,” he answered.
    “And where will you live while they build new ones?”
    “In the ground,” he answered without hesitation.


  2. I’m not sure what reality he’s referring to but I don’t watch tv. I think there’s a danger in never getting out of the house and talking to people, but listening to talking heads all day on screen.

    I’ve been told to leave the country because of not supporting big oil / return to racial segregation / etc. — all these big-corporate and white supremacist causes.


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