Spanish Elections

In an extremely predictable turn of events, Vox dramatically increased its support and got the third largest number of seats in the Spanish parliament, surpassingly the very progressive Podemos. Vox more than doubled the number of seats it got since April.

The socialists still won, and the traditional conservatives came in second, so no surprises there.

In short, absolutely nothing unexpected here at all. It’s good to deal with a predictable country, for a change.

A Russian Professor of History

A well-known history professor in Russia was detained as he was trying to drown female arms in the Neva River. At home, he had the dismembered body of his mistress who was 40 years his junior and a skeleton of an unknown male.

This was a fairly important historian specializing in the Napoleonic wars. Now the rest of historians in Russia are passionately debating whether it’s still ok to cite him in view of what happened.

Serves Us Right

Echidne, one of the oldest, most respected feminist blogs, realizes that feminism has been killed and buried:

An interview in the New Republic with Andrea Long Chu, about her new book Females made me realize that feminism is utterly pointless.

Well, not quite. Or not quite yet. But the interview, titled “We Are All Female Now” argues that “Femaleness is not an anatomical or genetic characteristic of an organism, but rather a universal existential condition.” For Chu, “femaleness” is the urge to be a vessel for another’s desire.”

Again, we have absolutely nobody to blame but ourselves. We’ve allowed men who despise women tell us what it means to be a woman and hound is out of employment and public life if we disagree. Now we’ve got to listen to the old cant of how we are empty vessels who need a guy to define us but this time we won’t even be able to object because we gave up our capacity to do so.