A Russian Professor of History

A well-known history professor in Russia was detained as he was trying to drown female arms in the Neva River. At home, he had the dismembered body of his mistress who was 40 years his junior and a skeleton of an unknown male.

This was a fairly important historian specializing in the Napoleonic wars. Now the rest of historians in Russia are passionately debating whether it’s still ok to cite him in view of what happened.

2 thoughts on “A Russian Professor of History”

  1. “trying to drown female arms”

    Okay, first I decided to google and see what this was about and put in “Russian historian” and google completed it with ‘grave robber’ which took me to a completely different case (Moskvin) yikes! And his parents?!? Thought the desecated corpses were dolls?

    Then I tried again and came across the site crimerussia.com and peaked a bit before running away (almost wishing I were catholic so I could make the sign of the cross as I fearfully glanced back over my shoulder).

    Anytime you link to something in Russia a warning “Explore at your own risk” might be needed…..


  2. I guess it all boils down to separating an accomplished person’s oeuvre from their actual everyday life, personality, and character.
    As in “Enjoy the musician (/actor/writer/painter), but still hate the person”

    Appreciate their contributions while still condemning certain acts, behaviors, and attitudes of theirs.


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