Servants for the Richy Richies

Our moral and financial superiors are truly something else. The student newspaper at Harvard, called The Crimson, covered an immigration protest.

After the protest, Crimson reporters contacted a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesperson for comment. More than 900 people and several student groups have since signed an Act on a Dream petition condemning The Crimson’s decision to reach out for comment.

Isn’t it cute how the Richy Richies fight for the right to have cheap servants they can abuse and exploit?

It Would Be Funny

I never thought I’d say anything like this but I know how Republicans feel. Or, rather, how they felt in 2015. A huge field of candidates but nobody to vote for. And then you go, hey, at least Trump is funny, and the rest is history.

Bernie is now playing the role of Ocasio’s trained poodle and promising her a place in the cabinet. The Bernie I liked and whose work I followed since 2006 was the exact opposite of Ocasio, so that’s that for this option. It got so, I’m perking up at every conspiracy theory about Hillary’s possible run. I don’t like her any more, but at least it would be funny.

Thank You, Vox

For a year and a half, Basques were buggering me around, unable to decide to publish my (extremely good if I say so myself) article and put me in the Basque scholar database.

Two days after the deeply anti-Basque Vox storms the polls in Spain, the Basques suddenly realize that my article is genius, they are desperate to publish it and put me in the Basque Studies network. Might be a total coincidence, of course.

Good Link on Bolivia

For those who want a good, insightful account of the events in Bolivia, here’s a link. On the left, we were all very hopeful that Evo Morales would be a positive force in Bolivia. I taught about him as a positive development in Bolivia for a while. But then he promised to respect the will of the people and said that if the majority voted “no” in a referendum, he’d respect that and stop changing the Constitution to create new terms in office for himself. The people said no. And he couldn’t care less.

He also turned to be completely neoliberal, and his extreme attachment to the extraction economy (Latin Americanists know what I mean) is devastating the environment.

But he mouthed the right slogans about the evil US imperialism once, so we don’t care about the damage he’s doing to the indigenous communities in Bolivia, it doesn’t matter that he’s stripping the country bare of trees to send wood to China and pay for a harem of soap opera starlets. He flattered our wounded narcissism, so we love him.

The Good Side of UFC

Since we recently discussed the evil things done by the United Fruit Company, here’s an article that talks about its positive impact. There isn’t much contradiction. It’s a typical behavior of companies in the solid stage of capitalism. Healthy, reasonably educated, stable workers with families are crucial to companies, and companies make sure they exist in the required numbers. Then, the fluid stage comes, and companies ditch the workers who end up lumpenizing (and developing an opioid addiction in some places).

Quite a Welcome

Finally, an article about Ukraine by somebody who understands something. So many extreme idiots have been talking about the country they don’t know and don’t care about that I’ve despaired to find something like this.

I finished my talk about Ukraine last week by saying, “It’s not American money that Ukraine needs. The money you send will end up in the offshore accounts of Ukrainian oligarchs and American hustlers. What Ukraine needs is knowing that you are on our side, that you care about Ukraine’s efforts to become a civilized Western country, that you welcome Ukraine as part of the Western civilization.”

But all Ukraine gets as a welcome is this cynical fuck-over.