Quite a Welcome

Finally, an article about Ukraine by somebody who understands something. So many extreme idiots have been talking about the country they don’t know and don’t care about that I’ve despaired to find something like this.

I finished my talk about Ukraine last week by saying, “It’s not American money that Ukraine needs. The money you send will end up in the offshore accounts of Ukrainian oligarchs and American hustlers. What Ukraine needs is knowing that you are on our side, that you care about Ukraine’s efforts to become a civilized Western country, that you welcome Ukraine as part of the Western civilization.”

But all Ukraine gets as a welcome is this cynical fuck-over.

One thought on “Quite a Welcome”

  1. A nice article.

    Today I didn’t go to work because of the security situation and wanted to share a nice post of jokes about the issue:

    В центре и на юге Израиля сегодня дети не пошли в школу, а родители (многие) на работу, из-за ракетной тревоги. Шутки из соц. сетей по этому поводу:

    “Когда министр образования становится министром обороны, он первым делом заботится об учителях” (министр образования Нафтали Бенет стал министром обороны вчера)



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