Journalism’s Recovery

Another great article in The Atlantic. What’s happening? Is American journalism awakening from its sickly obsession with Trump and starting to recover from this 3-year-long illness?

4 thoughts on “Journalism’s Recovery”

  1. “For a long time, these images made me anxious. They are proof that what grows within a pregnant woman’s body is a human being, living and unfolding according to a timetable that has existed as long as we have. Obviously, it would take a profound act of violence to remove him from his quiet world and destroy him.”

    Except that the surgery or chemical abortion techniques in the first trimester don’t require a profound act profound act of violence to be successful.

    Of course, she doesn’t mention how education and contraception can help to reduce the rate of abortion overall. I guess pointing that out was an inadvertent omission.


  2. Detective Robert Goren: [Eames asks what he thinks about abortion] I’ll tell you what I think when I get pregnant.

    Detective Robert Goren: Life is full of uncertainty. People need to have options. Abortion has got to be one of those options.

    From Law and Order Criminal Investigation


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