I have absolutely no idea why it’s necessary to expose the whole country to petty resentments of an employee who’s “devastated” that her boss said something mean about her. It’s petty, ridiculous, internal squabbling that nobody can possibly care about. We’ve all squabbled with people at work.

It’s also bad for feminism to parade around a woman who is pretending to be a fainting damsel in distress who’s falling apart because somebody has been mean to her. I don’t know how she ever worked in Ukraine where people aren’t known for being sensitive wilting flowers. There’s no equivalent to “this made me feel” in Ukrainian or Russian.

Being the Largest

Being the largest country in Europe by territory, Clarissa thinks that…

It’s one more beautiful turn of phrase from the notorious article. Please note how the idea of enormity is, yet again, associated with me.

I’m not obsessing, it’s just that this is too funny not to share.

Toddler Sleep Hack

I always thought that if you tire a toddler out physically with a ton of running, jumping, and climbing outside, she’ll fall asleep easily. People on the playground go, “wow, you are not going to have any trouble putting this kid to bed tonight.”

But it’s not true! It makes zero difference for sleeping how much she gets to be physically active. (Although it’s obviously extremely important for everything else and I’m obsessed with providing physical activity for Klara.)

There is something that helps, though. It’s activity books. There are these activity books for kids that have some basic sums, tracing, some basic exercises for logic (spot 8 differences or which object in this lineup doesn’t belong or labyrinths), and it’s all done with favorite characters. We have a Santa activity book, unicorns and rainbows, ballerinas, etc.

We did an hour with the activity book yesterday, and she conked out before 9 pm, which is unreal. Turns out intellectual effort is more tiring than physical. Plus, I love the activity books because they aren’t boring to me.

Enemy of the People

I’m so humiliated by the article about me that portrayed me as a smug, incoherent individual with the delusions of grandeur and completely perverted everything I said that all I want now is for nobody to discover it.

The only reason I agreed to do the article is to bring positive coverage for my department. I personally have zero interest to be known to anybody outside the narrow circle of colleagues in my discipline. And now it all backfired.

N read the article at work and came home saying, “God, I’m so sorry, are you ok?”

The part that suggests I’m “massively trying to expand myself,” coupled with an unflattering photo, makes me feel fat. People say, write to the paper for a retraction. But a retraction of what? That I’m not that massively expanding?

I hate the press.

A Country of Beautiful Whores

Did you, folks, read the transcript of the first call between Ze and Trump that was just released?

Ze says, we have a great country, wonderful people, etc. And Trump goes, yeah, I know, when I owned a beauty pageant, Ukraine was always well-represented.

Reminded me of the reaction I get everywhere in the world when I say I from Ukraine.

Now you know what it’s like to be Ukrainian.