Enemy of the People

I’m so humiliated by the article about me that portrayed me as a smug, incoherent individual with the delusions of grandeur and completely perverted everything I said that all I want now is for nobody to discover it.

The only reason I agreed to do the article is to bring positive coverage for my department. I personally have zero interest to be known to anybody outside the narrow circle of colleagues in my discipline. And now it all backfired.

N read the article at work and came home saying, “God, I’m so sorry, are you ok?”

The part that suggests I’m “massively trying to expand myself,” coupled with an unflattering photo, makes me feel fat. People say, write to the paper for a retraction. But a retraction of what? That I’m not that massively expanding?

I hate the press.

11 thoughts on “Enemy of the People”

  1. If it helps you to feel better:

    The chances that anyone else will take that clumsy writing as an elaborate fat joke are almost nothing. There is so much passive voice in that article, for one. I doubt most people reading it will reach the other conclusions you fear.


    1. Passive voice, the clumsy verbiage, the cliche-ridden writing. Ay yay yay yay yay. I don’t mind being known as the fattie of the year if it helped to promote the department. But this isn’t achieving that goal.


      1. Students are aware the department exists and has at least one member who is active in the community. It also helps promote the idea that language learning isn’t just a bunch of conjugations. So, tiny victory? If nothing, it makes people more likely to want to take classes from you.


        1. I completely agree with this: “Students are aware the department exists and has at least one member who is active in the community. It also helps promote the idea that language learning isn’t just a bunch of conjugations.” As for the bad writing, yep, it sounds like it was written by a not-very-good student, but so what? The world is full of bad writers. Most people are not good enough critics to realize that!


  2. ” the article about me”

    If it makes you feel any better, I found a link to the article but it can’t be accessed in the EU due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a mostly stupid EU regulation… but it works for you in this case!


  3. Don’t worry. The article is not bad at all for its purpose. You come across as someone engaged with multiple communities and very active, someone whose activities have been recognized, and you made Ukraine look good. Other than the fact that there are plenty of nicer pics of you on this blog and they could’ve asked you for some, I think the article is OK. Don’t worry about it.


  4. I don’t know what newspaper or magazine the article appeared in. But since most of the print media has collapsed, probably relatively few people saw it, and even fewer read it. Print media that survives usually can employ few if any editors, and so most stories go unedited. As a result, terrible stuff gets printed, and few people read it. I hope you can put this sad experience behind you, and continue on with your good work.


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